Our Hall of "Fame"

Behold the legendary players who have donned the Minnesota Twins uniform. These are by no means the best players to have ever called the Twin Cities home, just the most amusing ones.

Let's start with our Peanuts From Heaven Hall of Fame and with our inaugural inductee: the king of the Bodily functions: Bert Blyleven

Then there's our second Hall of Famer, the irrepressible Carlos "Go-Go" Gomez.

Before we move on, we'd be remiss if we didn't showcase some more of the inspired artistry that Carlos Gomez gave to us during his time with the club (feel free to tear up)

They just grow up so fast! (*tear*)

And came Nick Punto...

Mr. Dimples himself: Michael Cuddyer

And the Master of Mashin' Taters: Jim Thome

Then come the lesser known "legends", the men with a little less flash a little less panache and a lot more...what's the word...craziness. They may not be the most famous players to ever don the blue, red and gray, but they played for the Twins while we ran this blog and amused us just enough to get their own photoshops.
Jesse Crain: 2004-2010

Orlando Hudson: 2010

JJ Hardy: 2010

Boof Bonser: 2006-2009

Orlando Cabrera: 2009

R.A. Dickey: 2009

Joe Crede: 2009

Adam Everett: 2008

Craig Monroe: 2008

Mike Lamb: 2008