...but how could you forget?


With less than 12 hours before the majority of us will don wild regalia and howl into the abyss of All Hallow's Eve, I'm sure that many of you are saying: "hey! writer for a blog that I randomly found while looking up peanut brittle recipes! I'm a Minnesota Twins fan who would like to show their passion for the team in my Halloween costume, can you help me?"

The short answer is: yes. The long answer is: I will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to keep you reading this blog. Costume ideas: sure. Field dress a moose: you betcha. Wet t-shirt contest: WHATEVER YOU WANT.

For now, try one of these Costumes from the Peanuts From Heaven Inc. wardrobe line

1) Cuddyer and Young Masters of Supraction
You too can be a master of Supraction (TM) just by dressing like the magical masters of Twins Baseball. 
Requirements: open shirts, and a willingness to show your chest.

2) Dread Pirate Nathan
The scurviest scallywag who ever sailed the seven seas and slung sliders of some splates! Requirements: A basic pirate costume, applique goatee and an ability to "Yarrrrrrrr"

3) Sgt. Gardy's Lonely Hits Club Band
The best pundits in the business who also happen to be musically avant garde and willing to risk their health for the sake of experimentation.
Requirements: Neon military regalia, three friends (and if you're reading this, I'm not sure which one you're less likely to have)

4) The Nefarious Dr. Cakeburn
By day you can be as mild mannered as a rookie pitcher afraid of offending others. By night, burn with the heat of an oven preset to 350 degrees, and foil all the enemies of Twindom through the deliciousness of cake
Requirements: Cake, flames jutting around behind you, some kind of nuclear cake baking accident.

Just try one of these Peanuts from Heaven approved costumes, and you too will be as cool as me....wait...I mean cooler! MUCH MUCH COOLER!! 


Ladies and Gentlemen...

The Philadelphia Phillies are world champions.

If you are not exactly thrilled by that information, that's okay, you are on a blog written for fans of the Minnesota Twins. But as my able co-blogger wrote yesterday, this was a good series. The games were close, four were decided by a single run, most in the last three innings. The match-ups and strategies were intriguing to study, and the team that played the better baseball won.

{I do think the Rays were the better team throughout the course of the season. But you can't say you're playing "World Championship Calibre" baseball when the two guys who are normally your best hitters wave around ass bats in the air, like they just don't care}

I'll give credit where it's due. The Phillies play hard nosed baseball, which is appropriate for a hard nosed city like Philly. They've got a good double play team in Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley (whose play to get ex-Piranha Jason Bartlett at the plate was crazy crafty and deserves mad props). They've got a gritty bullpen that comes through in the clutch {hint, hint Twins}. And they probably spit a lot...which is always good.

So congratulations Philadelphia, tough luck Tampa Bay, and only 104 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training!


A pause to reflect/rant

As we sit in suspense, waiting for the weather to improve and for baseball to resume, I have noticed something - people are angry. Not just about the collapsing housing market, the collapsing credit market, their collapsing love lives, or any number of other things - people are pissed as hell about the World Series.


I'm not exactly sure.

Here are the reasons most commonly named as being "why I am f&*%$g pissed at the World Series": a) suspended game 5, and b) it's boring.

With regards to a) ... It's the freaking weather. Bud Selig cannot control the weather. Not even A-Rod can control the weather, although he should be able to for as much as they pay him. My dad actually happens to be in Philly right now, and he says yes, it actually is that bad. Freezing cold, rain, 30-40mph winds...who wants to play baseball in that shit?!? The weather suspended game is unfortunate but it would have been just cruel to make them continue if it was that bad. GET OVER IT.

With regards to b) HOW??? How is it boring? I actually heard one asshole MN radio deejay refer to this as "the most forgettable world series in history." He obviously thought he was hilarious...ha freaking ha. Have our attention spans really gotten so short that if neither of the teams in the series start with a 'Y' and end in 'ankees' or have a 'Sox' in their name, we don't care anymore? What about watching the game? What about AWESOME BASEBALL. FOR THE LOVE AMERICA, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????

This series has been pretty awesome if you ask me - tight games, suspense, good playing... i mean really. Pay attention to the damn game. No, there's no Derek Jeter. No, there's no Manny with his wacky antics. But there shouldn't need to be. It seems we have forgotten what the game is about. ...and that makes me sad.


I mean...the Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series! Who would have thought?? Isn't that pretty cool in itself??

I drove through Philly on Friday on my way to a wedding in the Poconos. It was actually sort of a side trip, because my boyfriend really, really wanted a cheese steak (which I've gotta admit was pretty tasty). Anyways, we drove by the new Phillies stadium (sans Phillies)...it's sweet. Add that to my list of places to visit.

So there it is. I'm looking forward to hopefully a game tonight...or you know, possibly tomorrow...or the day after...or whenever Mother Nature decides to stop shitting all over Philadelphia.


Enough of this...

In a startling and beautiful moment of clarity, I have made a command decision.

I am better at analyzing baseball than Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. My parents are better at analyzing baseball than Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. My dog is better than analyzing baseball than Joe Buck and Tim McCarver (and, as he's been dead for two years, that's quite an accomplishment).

In this spirit I'm proud to bring you the analyses of myself, Mr. No Ass, and the Knitting Queen.

SR: "Following after Tim McCarver's analysis, that the key to victory for the Phillies, is to keep winning games, I would suggest that the key to victory for the Rays is to stop losing."

*1st Inning*
NA: "C'mon! Longoria tagged Rollins out!!"
KQ: "Yeah, I can tell by that picture of the glove half-way up his butt!"
SR: "Fox has to make sure they've got something sexual on at least once an hour."
KQ: "Are they sure they can't get any closer than this?"
NA: "Then we'd be looking at his colon."

*2nd Inning*
NA: "America's other favorite past time?"
SR: "American Idol."
NA: "Pbbbbbbt!"

*3rd Inning*
NA: "Hey, Rays, any time you want to take some pitches, that would be good."
KQ: "It must be a strategy."
NA: "Not a very good one.
KQ: "Just wait, maybe it will be a good strategy..."
NA: "Isn't part of a good strategy, changing it when it doesn't work?"
KQ: "Oh. Yeah."

*4th Inning*
[Crawford connects]
NA: That's gone.
SR: That's gone.
Joe Buck: It's gone.
KQ: What just happened?
SR: The Rays are just going to keep pitching Howard away, until he proves he can hit it to left
[Howard hits a massive three run home run to left]
NA: He just proved it.

*5th Inning*
Shane Victorino on mic: "I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it!"
[Victorino catches it]
KQ: "shoot."

*6th Inning*
SR: "I might complain about his strike zone, but this umpire's strike out call..."
NA: "Yeah, it's emphatic."
SR: "I'm a little afraid he may knock out a left handed hitter with that uppercut."

*7th Inning*
[After two pitching switches]
SR: "The line-up for the Rays goes lefty, righty, lefty, lefty...would you leave the left handed reliever in to face all four?"
NA: "hunh?"
SR: "Did you fall asleep?"
NA: "..."
SR: "Dad?"
NA: "li'l bi-" [Pause...Snore]

*8th Inning*
Joe Buck: "You could make the argument that Pena's foot is about to come off the bag when they double Feliz off of first."
KQ: "Yes you could...if you were stupid!!"

*9th Inning*
[After a minor throwing error]
KQ: "That's the start of a comeback!"
[Two outs later]
KQ: "I guess not"

*Key Insights of the Game*
SR: The Rays need to be patient.
KQ: You can't win if you don't hit.
NA: [Snore]


A battle for the soul of baseball

I hesitate to write a World Series post about something that's not the World Series...but I'm going to do it anyway because I am my own editor and pbbbbbt!

While the Phillies and Rays' games have been back and forth battles there's something else that's been bothering me. Something that starts with a "J" and ends with an "oe Buck".

I've said before that Tweedle Dumbass irritates me. Last night was no exception. While Jamey Moyer pitched quite well for a man who can now collect AARP benefits, and the Rays defense kept an erratic Garza in the game, Mr. Buck's started telling us the story of Matt Garza's confrontation with Dionner Navarro, then veering off on a tangent about Eva Longoria, then giving a pitch count, then telling us that 24 Redemption is "OUTSTANDING" (what a shock!), then giving Ryan Howard's statistics, then urging us to watch football, and then finishing the Garza story, just 4 short innings later. Just so you know Dumbass, any time you want to call the game, that's okay too.

For a while I found sweet, sweet relief. I turned on the radio and heard San Francisco Giants announcers (Jon Miller and Joe Morgan) call a couple innings. They talked about things like the strategy for hitting against a fastball specialist like Matt Garza, and the effect of the Jamey Moyer's change-up on young Rays hitters. Unfortunately, my parents didn't like the time delay between seeing something, and hearing it called on the radio.

This begged the question: why don't I have magic powers that can eliminate the time delay between television and radio? Since I can't answer that one, I'll ask another: why do we have the worst announcers in the game, for the biggest games in the season? Why must we be forced to have Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in our home for three weeks a year, like the unwanted Mounds bar halloween candy you buy on sale November first?

The answer, of course, is money. Fox pays baseball top dollar, so Fox gets to show the Series. FOX pays 466 Million Dollars each year to broadcast one game a week and two rounds of the playoffs. But baseball ratings have dropped precipitously ever since Fox took over, with this years ratings marking the lowest ebb yet and since Fox took over World Series ratings have gone, down...down...down

Why all this has happened, no one can quite explain: some point the finger at the networks forgetting to advertise baseball until October (I don't know if I'd like to see Justin Morneau on American Idol...but it would probably juice up the ratings), others say that it's the lack of major markets in the World Series (but the Yankees/Mets Series in 2000 got the lowest ratings of all time--until two years later, when the Angels were in it).

I say it's the announcers. If you give a lousy product to enough people, eventually they're not going to want it (Of course, I said the same thing about the Scary Movie Franchise...and those guys must be bazillionaires by now). If the announcers don't make watching the game even more enjoyable, you have to be a serious fan to endure it. Witness: the first three pages of a google search and Buck and McCarver yields nothing positive, but dozens of "fire these idiots" petitions.

So let me make a suggestion baseball: void your contract with Fox and move things over to ABC (which owns ESPN and thus would own the sport). They already pay 200 Million, plus Fox's 400 means you can get more than 600 Million Dollars, let's say: 624,375,000. 

Why that amount? 

Because if you take away $24,375,000, you'd still have the richest television contract in the history of baseball, and you'd be able to pay for one day of free admission for every major league team as an apology for the '94 strike, rampant steroid use, Buck and McCarver, and those hideous Futuristic Jerseys from the late 90's. 

You'd make thousands of average baseball fans happy and give yourself a huge PR bump. Add in an inning or two of announcing for local fans at home from your new premier announcers (say: Hall of Famers Bob Ueker, Tony Gwynn, and oughta-be-hall-of-famer Bert Blyleven), and you suddenly have made a move that makes baseball a topic of conversation throughout America, whether they are sports fans or not. Make yourself the sport for fans, the sport that gives back, the sport that admits mistakes and make yourself the sport everyone likes.

That would be awesome; but almost completely inconceivable. So Tweedle Dum will keep giggling like a teenager in health class at anything remotely amusing, and Tweedle Dumbass will keep whining about every umpire call like a teenager doing health class homework. And ratings will keep dropping.
But owners will keep getting money. And isn't that what matters?

Oh...wait...no it's not. A back and forth ball game, with home runs, scrappy plays and a walk off...whatever that was for the Phillies...that's what matters. 


Game 2 Random Thoughts

As an observer free from vested interests, I'm rather enjoying simply watching good baseball and letting my mind wander. Here now, random musings from my time spent watching game 2.
Fox spent a good deal of time discussing Rocco Baldelli, once the Rays greatest player, then a man crippled by injuries and a vague mitochondrial abnormality. Baldelli still hits reasonably well but can't play defense nearly as well as he once did. But Fox is discussing the post-injury training behavior. Saying proudly: "He has mastered the art of swallowing a handful of pills at a time."

Is it just me, or does that laudatory comment, tacitly endorse ingesting gobs of painkillers?{Probably not, but I don't like Fox...so, for the sake of humor, let's say they did}
Oh, joy! Tim McCarver and Joe Buck [aka Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumbass] can finally examine an umpire's call in excruciating detail, pointing out the foolishness of calling a strike, then appealing to first base, then reversing the call, and then destroying the very fabric of our society.

Sadly, the ump was wrong, and did make a bad call...but I'm afraid I'm not mature enough to say: "Tim and Joe were r----; were righ-" see, I even vomit in my mouth when I write it.
Tweedle Dumbass is now promising us an honest review of "24" if we just tune in to game 3.

Wait a second...you're using a promotion of another program, to promote the program which will do the promoting?!? 

In that spirit I hope you all read Kristina's next post, and then, my next post, in which I will give you an exclusive review of Kristina's post.
Jason Bartlett just got an RBI on a bunt to make it 4 to 0. And somewhere a pirannaha is gnashing its teeth in joy.
Wow, good play by Baldelli, doubling off the runner one a liner with one out. Clearly "mastering the art of swallowing a handful of pills," can make one a better ball player. Maybe more players should swallow handfuls of pills?
Why is it that annoying promotional gimmicks turn up in the World Series? Rally Monkeys. Thunder Stix. Now the cowbell, the ubiquitous trinket every Tampan/Saint Petersberghian clutches and shakes during rallies. The incessant clatter may officially kill all humor I once found in the phrase: "I've got to have more cowbell." Curse you Tampa/St. Pete!! CURSE YOU!
Wow...I haven't said anything about the Phillies. Hmmm...okay, here's something, my older brother once lived with Pat Burrell's cousin.  And I'm guessing that both my brother and Pat Burrell's cousin, would be as effective with runners in scoring position as the Phillies have been...which is to say: not at all. 
Penetrating analysis from Tweedle Dum: "Trailing by four runs in the seventh, ahead in the count 2-0, Jimmy Rollins should take here, and he probably will, but he might not."

Allow me to analyze a little: "Dan Wheeler has just run the count full, so he wants to throw a strike here, but he might not do it, in which case it would be a ball." 

The English teacher in me takes issue with MLB's legal disclaimer. "This game is broadcast through the authority of the office of the commissioner of baseball." I'm want to circle it in red and write: You're on a Preposition Safari: REVISE!!!
Last night my boss asked: "why would any parent ever allow or encourage their 7 year old child to have a blue mohawk?" I told him, "because baseball is awesome and photos of your small child being stupid are great for embarrassment in later years." Just ask my parents about my "Boston Heights Dairy Dudes" Little League Rookie Card. {Or any of my prom dates...if they haven't suppressed the memories through shock therapy.}
Another bad call, and the Tweedles might just break down crying. It's basically like having the drunk guys who sit behind you at the game on national TV. "Yurr an eediot. Yah, stupid...I'll kill ya, but I need another one first, ya dirty rotten...OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!!"
As the Tweedles foam at the mouth, and dance the night away the Rays have won, tying the series and sending us to the city of brotherly love for games this weekend. And if you've learned anything from reading this post...I'm supremely disappointed in you, and myself.



I agree - awesome baseball is integral to our happiness here at Peanuts from Heaven. This is why during the winter I tend to fashion a nest from laundry, blankets and assorted holiday socks in which to hibernate like a bear until the season opener.

In all seriousness though.


The Rays: the scrappy underdog who rose to the top despite being severely underpaid and mocked by the Red Sox (who are now the new Yankees...and the Rays are the new Red Sox? Maybe? Red is the new pinstripes?)

The Phillies: Favorite team of Corey on Boy Meets World which is pretty much enough of a selling point for me.

I too remain undecided. I only hope to watch some great games.

Unfortunately, that might be difficult. Again, my actual relationship with another human being is invervening on my relationship with our great American pastime. Matt and I are going to a wedding in the Pocanos in Pennsylvania this Thursday thru Sunday...I'm sure the Pocanos are gorgeous. I'm also pretty sure I will not be able to watch the World Series.

So, Rays/Phillies, this is my request: five games. At least five games. If either of you are ahead 3-1 going into Sunday's game...just...screw something up. Give up 12 runs and handcuff your starting lineup to a herd of wild horses and send them scattering off into the desert. Something. Just please, play more than four games. This is all i ask.


The management.

aka, Peanuts from Heaven...or heavenly peanuts...

And.......we're back

Okay. Long story, simple solution:

All the greatness, awesomeness, dare I say: unfathomable brilliance of Peanuts from Heaven is available at our new website http://heavenlypeanuts.blogspot.com.

Which you should already know if you're reading this blog--because it's only available on the aforementioned website.

Now to the most important thing in the world: Baseball. A world wide battle, encompassing the whole world: even Antarctica, and especially the political debate. It's so important that Barak Obama wants the Rays AND the Phillies to win; while John McCain wants whichever team Joe the Plumber plays for to win.

Meanwhile, the Fox Network wants Tropicana field to cave in upon itself, both teams to be crushed within, and the Dodgers and Red Sox rewarded the chance to play in another World Series...preferably one to be held in December...after their prime time schedule works itself out.

As for us: the now, heavenly peanut-esque authors. We are currently undecided: should we root for the share-the-wealth-poorly-paid, youthful but inexperienced, blue-mohawked, messiahs of change? Or the crusty-old franchise, full of veteran wisdom and experience but with lingering health issues?*

If only it was that simple. But here's our hope. Now that we're back we can get back to baseball, playoff baseball, awesome baseball. Let me reiterate that Rays/Phillies: WE WANT AWESOME BASEBALL! (No sweep, no five gamers, lets do seven...and let's do it right)

So here's to you Ryan Howard and your love of Philly Cheese Steaks. And you Evan Longoria and your redoubtable power. And you Jamie Moyer and your ageless arm of wonder. And you Matt Garza and your hipster goatee (sorry that it's not working it's magic for us). CHEERS TO BASEBALL!

*Peanuts from Heaven does not endorse any candidate for the presidential election...except Joe Mauer...MAUER '08!!


Go Rays?

I agree wholeheartedly. I always like to root for the scrappy underdog, and if it can't be us, it might as well be Tampa. They've made such huge strides this season... and the Red Sox sort of just annoy me at this point. I was a pseudo-Sox fan briefly in 2004 when they blew past the Yankees after losing the first 3 games of the ALCS, and then won the World Series...that was pretty cool. But now, they're just cocky and they bother me.

And I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Phillies because of Boy Meets World. So I would definitely watch a Rays-Phillies world series... whereas the idea of a Sox Dodgers series makes me feel a little nautious...although that could be because I took expired Tylenol, but I'd like to think otherwise. It sounds more dramatic :)


Le Sigh

C'mon man...

Where was the competition in all the division series? Where was the drama? Where was the thrill of October baseball?

Where, in short, was the beef?

Anahiem? Torii's Tofu Dogs, were not what we needed.
Milwaukee? Prince Fielder's Organic Wheatgrass Bratwursts, did not pass muster.
Chicago? ...sigh...it's not even worth the joke.

Four divisional series, and the teams that won the first game barely flinched before moving on to the League Championship Serieses. Four divisional series, and the teams that lost the first game barely put up a fight before packing up their uniforms, and breaking out the golf clubs.

Our greatest Frenemies [The Brewers, The Angels...or just Torii, The Cubs] are gone. And though a Rays-Phillies series is by no means the sexiest battle for Champion of the World, it is vastly preferable to the soap opera of Ramirez V. Red Sox Nation that Fox must now be rooting for.

Maybe the Dodgers, Sox, Phillies and Rays are saving their strength for the next three weeks, or maybe we'll yawn our way to Halloween. Maybe we'll find the beef or maybe we'll get a big fat Philly CheeseFondu Sandwich.

Let's hope for the best. And until our hope is rewarded I repeat: le sigh.


Our New Analysts

Since the playoffs are captivating all of America we thought it right that we should not be alone in analyzing the rises and falls of the various teams in the playoffs. And so we are proud to introduce the greatest baseball analysts of all time:

Sergeant Gardy's Lonely Hit Club Band!
MCNEAU: Welcome, everyone to our analysis of the division series, only on the Peanuts From Heaven website, the greatest website...ever. I'm Justin McNeau, joined by my fellow members of the fab four: Denard Spannon...
MCNEAU: Brendan Harrisson...
MCNEAU: And of course Carlos Ringomez
RINGOMEZ: Zabadeeboop!
MCNEAU: Guys, is it just me or have this years playoffs sucked pickled eggs?
SPANNON: I feel that's a crass characterization Justin, but yes...this year's playoffs show no sense at all of the suffering of the world, they don't realize that people need love and good baseball to make it through the winter, it's the corporate oligarchy of the status quo that has corrupted the beautiful game rendering the true beauty of baseball obsolete in the cacophonous din that has become October baseball.
MCNEAU: What the hell?
HARRISSON: I think what Denard was trying to say was: yes.
RINGOMEZ: Ba-donk-a-donk!!
MCNEAU: But why do the games suck--
SPANNON: I just said--
MCNEAU: Besides the corporate oligarchy of the status quo?
HARRISSON: Simple Justin, our Frenemies have failed. Only the Rays...the team I once called my love...have stood up to the Bitch Sox. The Cubs have stunk at home, the Brewers have stunk on the road and the Red Sox have opened a can of whoopass on our friend Torii...
ALL: Torii...[sigh]
HARRISSON: We need comebacks, we need competition, we need--
SPANNON: To have a love-in protesting these playoffs!
MCNEAU: Denard, I will not have a love-in with you.
SPANNON: [underbreath] Small minded, philistine!
MCNEAU: Do you have any thoughts on the playoffs Ringomez?
RINGOMEZ: When I pet my goldfish he goes flippity-floppity-floo!
MCNEAU: Ohhhhhh-kay...based on the games so far gentlemen, who seems to be in the best shape to ruin our October.
SPANNON: Without question the Red Sox and Dodgers.
HARRISSON: I agree, they are the new devils of the world.
SPANNON: The Red Sox have become corrupted harbingers of the very tyranny they once sought to overthrow, beholden to their largesse and developing just as much an empire as the wicked Yankees.
MCNEAU: True, but you look at what Manny Ramirez is doing in Los Angeles, his batting average--
SPANNON: Statistics do not show the trueness of the world, nor the oneness of our souls.
MCNEAU: Screw the oneness of the souls lets talk about hitting!
HARRISSON: Uh-guys...
SPANNON: The oneness of our souls cries out at the plasticization of our society, and the facelifted, botoxified Dodgers are an emblem of the absence of true faith.
MCNEAU: Manny's hitting .500 in the first two games against the Cubs and makes immediate adjustments at the plate to hit everything 18 rows up in Wrigley.
RINGOMEZ: Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb until I killed it for mutton! MUTTON!!!!!
MCNEAU: Well that does it for Sergeant Gardy's Lonely Hit Club Band playoff analysis for this week. Any predictions guys?
HARRISSON: I think the Brewers will win at least one game at home.
SPANNON: I never challenge the prescience of the almighty--but I think Torii will keep getting RBIs for the Angels, but it will be meaningless if Garrett Anderson doesn't get on track.
RINGOMEZ: Greg Maddux will kill the Cubs and wear them as a hat!!
MCNEAU: And of course, we all hope that the Rays avenge our defeat at the hands of the White Sox. Until next time
ALL: Imagine.



In the 12 hours since we were eliminated I've been asked by a lot of people (inside my head movies): "Now that the Twins are eliminated, who should I root for?"

Fortunately we here at Peanuts From Heaven, Inc. can provide guidance to the bewildered Twins' fan. It's easy to cheer for our boys, who we see every day, and occasionally serve steaks to. But it's somewhat harder to cheer for teams that you don't know anything about. So, here now, is a scientific study of which team in the playoffs is the least offensive to Twins fans.

American League

Red Sox (52 Loathing Points)
Angels (56 Loathing Points)
White Sox (91 Loathing Points)
Rays (49 Loathing Points)

Technically, we should want the Red Sox should win one round of the playoffs. But now that the only ex-Twin playing games is Tor-double-"I", forget it. (Plus the Red Sox have a title already...it's good to share.) Wait...AJ's an ex-Twin too, I suppose...in the same way that Lucifer is an ex-angel. The thorn in our side foiled us again last night, but the scrappy pluck of the Rays is too much to ignore. And so, the low man on the totem pole gets our vote in the AL. 


Brewers (16 Loathing Points)
Cubs (32 Loathing Points)
Dodgers (76 Loathing Points)
Phillies (35 Loathing points)

The Dodgers are now trying to be Yankees west, and the combination of Joe Torre's dead eyes, Manny Ramirez's nasty hair, Jeff Kent's ugly-ass mustache, and the fact that I had to watch the Dodgers trade away every quality prospect my home town trained for them means they must suffer. Philadelphia's inability to actually say: 'yeah team' precludes them from being our NL counterpart {Seriously, if the Twin Cities were Philly we'd be egging the Twins' plane as it landed}. While Wrigley is beautiful, perhaps the only thing more annoying than crying Cubs' fans would be smugly superior Cubs' fans. So we've got the Brewers representing the upper midwest, our old foe Captain Cheesburger leading the way...and a team we beat regularly enough to know, that if they win WE WOULD HAVE WON OURSELVES.


So an ideal Minnesota series would be Brewers/Rays. {It would also be the worst possible thing in the world for FOX, which makes it even more preferable.} From there...whoever wins...baseball wins.