A pause to reflect/rant

As we sit in suspense, waiting for the weather to improve and for baseball to resume, I have noticed something - people are angry. Not just about the collapsing housing market, the collapsing credit market, their collapsing love lives, or any number of other things - people are pissed as hell about the World Series.


I'm not exactly sure.

Here are the reasons most commonly named as being "why I am f&*%$g pissed at the World Series": a) suspended game 5, and b) it's boring.

With regards to a) ... It's the freaking weather. Bud Selig cannot control the weather. Not even A-Rod can control the weather, although he should be able to for as much as they pay him. My dad actually happens to be in Philly right now, and he says yes, it actually is that bad. Freezing cold, rain, 30-40mph winds...who wants to play baseball in that shit?!? The weather suspended game is unfortunate but it would have been just cruel to make them continue if it was that bad. GET OVER IT.

With regards to b) HOW??? How is it boring? I actually heard one asshole MN radio deejay refer to this as "the most forgettable world series in history." He obviously thought he was hilarious...ha freaking ha. Have our attention spans really gotten so short that if neither of the teams in the series start with a 'Y' and end in 'ankees' or have a 'Sox' in their name, we don't care anymore? What about watching the game? What about AWESOME BASEBALL. FOR THE LOVE AMERICA, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????

This series has been pretty awesome if you ask me - tight games, suspense, good playing... i mean really. Pay attention to the damn game. No, there's no Derek Jeter. No, there's no Manny with his wacky antics. But there shouldn't need to be. It seems we have forgotten what the game is about. ...and that makes me sad.


I mean...the Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series! Who would have thought?? Isn't that pretty cool in itself??

I drove through Philly on Friday on my way to a wedding in the Poconos. It was actually sort of a side trip, because my boyfriend really, really wanted a cheese steak (which I've gotta admit was pretty tasty). Anyways, we drove by the new Phillies stadium (sans Phillies)...it's sweet. Add that to my list of places to visit.

So there it is. I'm looking forward to hopefully a game tonight...or you know, possibly tomorrow...or the day after...or whenever Mother Nature decides to stop shitting all over Philadelphia.

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  1. Sudden Death-esque baseball tonight! Woo!! (Plus Scotch, double woo!)