Le Sigh

C'mon man...

Where was the competition in all the division series? Where was the drama? Where was the thrill of October baseball?

Where, in short, was the beef?

Anahiem? Torii's Tofu Dogs, were not what we needed.
Milwaukee? Prince Fielder's Organic Wheatgrass Bratwursts, did not pass muster.
Chicago? ...sigh...it's not even worth the joke.

Four divisional series, and the teams that won the first game barely flinched before moving on to the League Championship Serieses. Four divisional series, and the teams that lost the first game barely put up a fight before packing up their uniforms, and breaking out the golf clubs.

Our greatest Frenemies [The Brewers, The Angels...or just Torii, The Cubs] are gone. And though a Rays-Phillies series is by no means the sexiest battle for Champion of the World, it is vastly preferable to the soap opera of Ramirez V. Red Sox Nation that Fox must now be rooting for.

Maybe the Dodgers, Sox, Phillies and Rays are saving their strength for the next three weeks, or maybe we'll yawn our way to Halloween. Maybe we'll find the beef or maybe we'll get a big fat Philly CheeseFondu Sandwich.

Let's hope for the best. And until our hope is rewarded I repeat: le sigh.

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