And.......we're back

Okay. Long story, simple solution:

All the greatness, awesomeness, dare I say: unfathomable brilliance of Peanuts from Heaven is available at our new website http://heavenlypeanuts.blogspot.com.

Which you should already know if you're reading this blog--because it's only available on the aforementioned website.

Now to the most important thing in the world: Baseball. A world wide battle, encompassing the whole world: even Antarctica, and especially the political debate. It's so important that Barak Obama wants the Rays AND the Phillies to win; while John McCain wants whichever team Joe the Plumber plays for to win.

Meanwhile, the Fox Network wants Tropicana field to cave in upon itself, both teams to be crushed within, and the Dodgers and Red Sox rewarded the chance to play in another World Series...preferably one to be held in December...after their prime time schedule works itself out.

As for us: the now, heavenly peanut-esque authors. We are currently undecided: should we root for the share-the-wealth-poorly-paid, youthful but inexperienced, blue-mohawked, messiahs of change? Or the crusty-old franchise, full of veteran wisdom and experience but with lingering health issues?*

If only it was that simple. But here's our hope. Now that we're back we can get back to baseball, playoff baseball, awesome baseball. Let me reiterate that Rays/Phillies: WE WANT AWESOME BASEBALL! (No sweep, no five gamers, lets do seven...and let's do it right)

So here's to you Ryan Howard and your love of Philly Cheese Steaks. And you Evan Longoria and your redoubtable power. And you Jamie Moyer and your ageless arm of wonder. And you Matt Garza and your hipster goatee (sorry that it's not working it's magic for us). CHEERS TO BASEBALL!

*Peanuts from Heaven does not endorse any candidate for the presidential election...except Joe Mauer...MAUER '08!!

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