I agree - awesome baseball is integral to our happiness here at Peanuts from Heaven. This is why during the winter I tend to fashion a nest from laundry, blankets and assorted holiday socks in which to hibernate like a bear until the season opener.

In all seriousness though.


The Rays: the scrappy underdog who rose to the top despite being severely underpaid and mocked by the Red Sox (who are now the new Yankees...and the Rays are the new Red Sox? Maybe? Red is the new pinstripes?)

The Phillies: Favorite team of Corey on Boy Meets World which is pretty much enough of a selling point for me.

I too remain undecided. I only hope to watch some great games.

Unfortunately, that might be difficult. Again, my actual relationship with another human being is invervening on my relationship with our great American pastime. Matt and I are going to a wedding in the Pocanos in Pennsylvania this Thursday thru Sunday...I'm sure the Pocanos are gorgeous. I'm also pretty sure I will not be able to watch the World Series.

So, Rays/Phillies, this is my request: five games. At least five games. If either of you are ahead 3-1 going into Sunday's game...just...screw something up. Give up 12 runs and handcuff your starting lineup to a herd of wild horses and send them scattering off into the desert. Something. Just please, play more than four games. This is all i ask.


The management.

aka, Peanuts from Heaven...or heavenly peanuts...

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