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So. We've been gone for a little while, but have we been lax in our devotion to the Twins? OH NO MY FRIENDS, oh no. Every morning Stinky checks her interweb for news on the Joe Mauer contract saga, every afternoon Scruffy clicks on a "Target Field Seat View" half way hoping that there will be snow on the diamond (to amuse him with the thought of Punto and J.J. Hardy building a snow infielder to supract opposing batters).

We have also been hard at work in our secret lair creating the newest entry in our epic tale of nerdy awesomeness: A PEANUTS FROM HEAVEN PODCAST.

But this is not just any mere, nerdy people who love baseball podcast, oh no, we don't talk about stats and signals and the season ahead (but to be fair, how often do we ever really talk about those things?). Instead, we here at Peanuts from Heaven have crafted a Podcast in the manner of an old-timey radio show set in the Old West. Who will be the hero of our podcast, you ask? HONUS WAGNER of course. Because nothing says "old-timey western" like a large german baseball player from the early 1900's. Below is the limited edition Episode I photoshop, and here are two ways to access said podcast.

If you just want to listen to it on the interweb you can click here to be diverted to a special webpage.
If you want to DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR ITUNES (yes, we are officially that nerdy) you can click here and the "subscribe" button in your Itunes will give you regular access to our amuements.

Whichever you prefer we hope you enjoy our podcast.
Peanuts from Heaven

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