The Great Twins Scotch Bet: Part Deux

001twins 9-15.JPG
If I win that 18 year old Highland Park, you get a taste Josmil
As some of you might remember, we Peanuts have found a way to make the last few weeks of yet another lost season slightly interesting: GAMBLING!

Okay, so we don't have any real money on the line, just requests for Scotch that we likely would have spent money on anyway, but still, every little bit of interest helps the cause. And we have Stinky's dad, the Gouger, in on the action too...sadly he won't be in on it for much longer

To refresh your memory: the wagers are
Stinky: 0-69 Wins
Scruffy: 70-74 Wins
Gouger: 75-81 Wins

Where We Are Now
Despite initial success against the Angels and A's the Twins quickly reverted to their uninspiring ways (including on Friday night for what will likely be our last live game of the year). After today's stunner over Tampa, the Twins stand at 64-84 for a winning percentage of .432. Based on that winning percentage the Twins stand to win 69.9 games, which some would call mathematically impossible...but then again this is baseball...what's that...even in baseball it's impossible to receive credit for a partial victory? Oh...never mind then.

Here's what we're rooting for heading into the final two weeks of the season.

Stinky: No more than 5 wins
Gouger: No more than 3 losses
Scruffy: Anything between 6-8 and 10-4
Gut Feeling
All of the sudden a three game set in Chicago is really really important. If the Twins sweep then I'm in a fantastic position. If they get swept I'm pretty well dead to rights because there's very little chance of our posting a winning record against Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland as they fight for the playoffs and we fight for...what's that thing...the opposite of the shame-y feeling we have at most Twins games? Oh yeah! Less Shame!!