Super what now?

Apparently there is a football game being played right now that might be kinda important in the course of the season...We here at Peanuts From Heaven respect everyone's right to care about that, but can think of better ways to spend our time than watching a sport whose name is antithetical to the way the game is played (plays involving feet touching the ball in football: 3, plays involving feet touching bases in baseball: MANY).

So, while Stinky celebrates her father's birth, I, Scruffy have just finished watching City of God (which I highly recommend, to everyone who loves a good true life story of Brazilian gang warfare told through a postmodernist lens). But we're not here to pass out movie reviews or wish happy birthdays. Oh no, we're here to take care of some business

1)Dear Body Snatcher GM, We don't know what alien life form you are, and we are a little worried about what you might have done with Bill Smith, but we like your style. Sincerely, Peanuts from Heaven
2) New adventures in photoshop: Keep a look out for the soon to appear photoshops of JJ Hardy, Jim "Smoke Monster" Thome, and Orlando "O-Dog" Hudson. Seriously, compare this with the banner free agents we've signed the last few years: Joe "Ow-My-Back" Crede, Mike "Grizzled Prospector" Lamb, "Tony Fatista"....this is an upgrade.

3) Why we got the upgrade: painful as it is to admit, there's a reason why the ticket price increase was worthwhile. Not just because it's outdoor baseball but because more money from season tickets meant more money to spend on free agents which (hopefully) means more wins during the season. Oh, economics...Hooray for you.

4) Also, Hooray for the stadium/team in general: So admission (and I hope I'm not breaking any privacy laws here), my father works as an EMT during Twins games, and as such had to go take a look at the stadium to plan out routes and safety procedures. (Look at this place it's beautiful even in the snow.)
Also, being an EMT my dad was lucky enough to attend a special banquet thanking the people who work year in and year out to make Twins baseball a safe, enjoyable past time for the whole family. Part of this banquet was a special chocolate center piece including the item pictured below.
Yes, the Twins gave out a chocolate in the shape of a toilet....just let that sink in....chocolate...toilet shaped...AWESOME!!! What a great team!! Who in the hell wants to cheer for the snooty-pants Yankees and their bazillion dollar front row seats when you can cheer for a team who finds potty humor just as funny as you do! [Sigh] So much love.

5) Hooray for turning our attention to baseball. The one saving grace of the Super Bowl...am I pronouncing that correctly? Alright...is that the Twins tend to take this opportunity to advertise for their awesomeness. Witness: THIS AD. I knew there was some reason to watch 22 grown men pummel each other for the sake of a few feet of grass.

Spring is coming--please oh please let it be soon

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