The Thrilling/Self-Evident Conclusion

The time has come to conclude our inaugural faux radio/podcast serial.* And as always the time has come for me to post the links one more time.

For Interweb users, click here, for all the cool kids with iTunes, click here.

And for everyone here now...the final photoshop artwork to accompany this series

*(Sidenote: It will become the "only faux radio/podcast serial if people didn't like it...and since no one has said anything in the comments for the last SEVERAL months...I'm going to assume that the approximately 97 people who have visited this blog think that it is SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME that they are unworthy of posting a comment. But believe me, if you have found this site, even by accident you are beautiful, remarkable unique human snowflake--and you are heartily encouraged/begged to write a comment.)

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