No Country for Old Men

Not a great day for former Twins.

Bit by little bit those few, those happy few, that band of scrappy brothers known as the Twins Revival Team have fallen by the wayside. Sure there's the odd hanger on (though David Ortiz may not have much left, and JC Romero's got steroid problems and even AJ's job is threatened by another punk kid) and even a few still thriving (see: Hunter, Torii/Santana, Johan), but these guys remind us that it's a very short life at the top. You get a couple years to do some great things, then a life time to reminisce.

These were the guys who made the Twins the hot ticket in Minnesota again. And while there was a short span there where all three Twin Cities teams had a shot...the Twins survived, and thrived, and while you can credit shrewd management, a brilliant farm system and a manager with potentially magical powers, some credit must go to these guys. To Douggy M., to Goozy and AJ and the Soul Patrol (not to mention the Pole Patrol) we raise our glasses.

One for us. And One for our Homies.

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