Whose side are you on?

Sorry about the delay in posting this week. A variety of factors have kept us a little preoccupied this week, not the least of which is the fact that, much as I love blogging, I will probably need to find a source of income sooner or later (preferably sooner) so as to buy the foodstuffs that will keep me alive and help me continue writing this blog!

While I've been focusing on that whole employment thing, I've still made time for the Twins (Note the Twitter feed) and in the process seen something that makes me wonder. As my last post indicates, Twins fans have been watching the return of Joe Mauer with rapt attention. But while we're all watching closely, the motivation for and reaction to watching the Chairman hit differs depending on whose side you're on.

One group, which I will refer to as Team Mauer, gets anxious, downright antsy watching the return of the home town hero, hoping that this swing, this swing right here, will be the one to start a torrid hit streak, boost his average, justify his contract, shut up the haters, save every kitty cat stuck in a tree and lead the Twins to a superlative second half. (And when he swings and chops one to second the sigh, or groan and think...okay...next time FOR SURE!)

The other group, which I will refer to as Team Dour, seems to seek the exact opposite. They hear the T.I. music play, see him step into the box and want to see that he is the overrated, overpaid, over-pampered punk that web commenters and radio pundits have slammed for weeks. He isn't the golden god that others have seen, he's barely more deserving of a roster spot than his fellow Minnesotans who would kill to put on the Navy & Red and would do it all without once taking a break for a national shampoo commercial. And with each swing and meager three-hopper, they explode with a "DAMMIT! BUTERA HITS BETTER THAN THAT!!"

Maybe I'm over simplifying by making it Team Mauer V.s. Team Dour. (Hey, I can rhyme!!) Those who explode might be just as hopeful that he snaps out of it, and those who hope may some day become as disaffected as those who scorn our side-burned catcher. I suppose that nobody is so cynical as to actively want Mauer to fail (especially when his play can so easily affect the rest of the team--both postively and negatively). But it's clear to me that these are new emotions to associate with Mauer at-bats. Where once there was unadulterated enthusiasm and a smidge of civic pride now there is fear, blind hope and critical disdain...Really?

I don't fully fathom it all...but that's what the social side of this blog is for! So leave a comment below to swear your allegiance to Team Mauer, Team Dour or just to explain what you think the problem is (with Mauer, the Twins, or society in general). I share my ideas, what are yours?


  1. The whole thing reminds me of the book "Animal Farm" which is based on the Russian Revolution.

  2. Really Haddock? How so? Do you think it's a case of wanting all animals created equal, but having some being more equal than others?