A quick note before bed

I've been bounding about the Twin Cities taking care of some business most of the day. But I thought I should say this today, rather than tomorrow: Congratulations to Bert Blyleven, the greatest Dutchman to ever play the game and a brand new Hall of Famer.

(Reactions to the news included high-fives between my brother and I at a bar downtown where we ate lunch, thumbs up from the bartenders and waiters and a small woop from a guy at a table by the windows. Even in Turkey, Stinky shouted out her excitement and gave a number of smiley faces: Turks for BERT!)

In honor of Bert, I will happily post this interview with the new Hall of Famer, which shows vintage Blyleven: bemusement, and poop jokes--gotta love him.

Back with more on the Hall of Fame tomorrow...or today..or whatever.

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