I'm Thankful For...

...a manager with rosy cheeks, and an obdurate manner.

...a catcher with sideburns every man should envy.

...a first baseman who single handedly keeps Canada safe from pitchers.

...an infield that can't hit but seems to float like the Bolshoi to any ball hit their way.
...a left fielder (and returning right fielder) who are masters of the subtle art of Supraction.

...a center fielder whose silliness makes me seem like a stoic.

...a rookie right fielder who will be the official supplier of low cost home repair supplies when we have taken over the world.

...a pitching rotation that wishes they could ride to the mound in Tonka trucks.

...a big game pitcher who entraps his foes with cake...delicious, delicious cake.

...a bullpen that is locked in a tower until it solves it's own stinking mess.
...a closer/pirate who plunders opposing teams better than anyone else.


...a blog where I can be thankful all year long, and another anthropomorphic peanut/partner-in-crime who's as thankful and silly as me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

  1. A-men! I am also thankful for all these things. I am also thankful for leftovers from my parents, which pretty much ensures that I won't have to buy my own food for several days. Score.