The Good, the Bad and the (potentially) Ugly

So the good news is this - Peanuts from Heaven is able to send half of their staff to spring training! This half is...me. And I'm also accompanied by my parents. But still, I will be able to blog live from spring training. I promise you exclusive (and possible imaginary) interviews and detailed reports from the scene.

Here's the bad news - weather.com is forecasting scattered thunderstorms.

This leaves me with several options:

1) Bring an umbrella
2) Beg Gardy to let me hang out with him in the dugout.
3) if begging does not work, bestow more photoshops upon Gardy.
4) If Gardy cannot be swayed, turn to Carlos Gomez. He'd probably let anyone into the dugout.
5) wear a poncho.

Some of these ideas are obvioulsy more practical than others.
Mostly, I'm just looking forward to the florida sun, since getting into your car in the middle of March and realizing it is 3 below is never a fun situation.

1 comment:

  1. I trust that whether umbrellaed, ponchoed or hidden in the dugout next to Gardy and co that all will be well, after all it's you, there's no ugliness involved...