Yaaay Japan! I'm sorry, I know I should be judging this victory based on our arbitrary frenemies/enemies point system, but I've always been a big fan of Japan and I can't help feeling awfully happy :)

If I hadn't mentioned it before, my roommate is a Japanese culture enthusiast. We watch anime, eat a lot of sushi and drink a LOT of tea (actually I drink a lot of tea regardless...). Recently she's also been refreshing her Japanese with Rosetta Stone to prepare for her upcoming study/work in Japan, so we've been looking up how to say things like "you stink." It's quite entertaining.

Also one of our largest accounts at work is a Japanese hearing aid firm. I went out drinking with them near Tokyo one time and they are totally awesome. They made me sing Karaoke and would not allow my beer glass to be empty at any point. So when I think of Japanese victory, I think of these guys:

and I smile... :)


  1. Well they are grown men so I don't know if "adorable" is quite the right word...but definitely entertaining!