Desperately Seeking Sanity...

Yes, we have been bad bloggers, or at least, tired ones. But when you have a three-day weekend to bask in the last rays of sunshine before returning to full-time education, do you really want to be trapped in the house where your boys of summer are turning into the old men of "get outta my begonias!!! Why. I. Oughta!!! Quick honey, get my shooin' broom!!!"?

Of course, our escape into the light would have been more likely had we not been inundated with business school reading, and satyr-drama reporting. Our imaginations at an all time low, we can only drum up enough enthusiasm to say these things:

1) Losing a series in Cleveland is like getting a sunburn in Florida or going bankrupt in Las Vegas--that's the purpose of that spot on the globe--unrefutable, undeniable fact.

2) I had almost forgotten that Toronto had a team--we haven't played them since April, can you blame me?

3) I'm happy to report that Stinky went to the Rennaissance Festival yesterday, a source of inspiration if ever there was one. Hopefully she will be wittier than I.

And with that I'm off to try and convince someone that satyr-drama is worth studying...perhaps bribery is the solution...

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