Hold on to your proverbial horses

This is not to promote lax grips on literal horses mind you, this is just to remind us one and all that as awesome as we are currently playing we still have a long uphill climb to reenter the post-season, if we do it at all.

Much must be done, balls must be thrown, hit and caught--or not caught (when we hit them {teeehee, point and laugh at Carlos Quentin}). We must leave Chicago, venture to the surprisingly dangerous Kansas City (just ask the Tigers about them), and then head on into Detroit for what seems to be the most important thing in the history of important things (knocking invention of fire down to number two).

The optimist in me says we can cruise over everyone, the cautious optimist in me says that we can win enough to get the job done, the pessimist in me says: "DEATH! EVERYTHING IS DEATH!!!!" Which is why, perhaps realism is a good attitude: "It will be hard, we will do our best, and the chips will fall where they may."

Winning is great, but--in the spirit of low expectations: we here at PFH, Inc. fervently anticipate that all that was once good will turn foul...we will not only lose, but Bud Selig will decide to strip us from other the wins until we have a worse record than the Milwaukee Brewers. Additionally, steak will now taste like ashes, wine will taste like warm, flat Fresca, and the sun will now be called: Yankee Stadium Solaris.

If one or any of these things does not happen, I'll be very happy--but remember, please keep your horses on a leash--it will keep your dogs in line.

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