Forgive the delay

in our commentary on this, so momentous a series, but we are, as the French say: "le tired".

As Stinky preps ceaselessly for her Business School Mid-terms (or Bizness Skool MizzleTizzles, as the kids are calling them these days) and my eyes continue to blur after several hours on the long Ohio/Indiana Turnpikes, we can take solace in these immutable facts.

1) Supraction is alive and well just ask Don Kelly as he got whacked upside the head by Orlando Cabrera's first supractalicious double of his Twins' career.

2) Michael Cuddyer continues to cement his place in our peanutty hearts as a man, not for his season...but for all time.

3) Hey! If we pitch well, and hit well good things might just happen to us after all.

4) Even though we are three games back we still have a shot--whether or not we want to have a shot (if having a shot means another trip to face the EVIL Yankees in New York...perhaps we want to pass on that, then again, perhaps we could give added confidence to Delmon and Gogo and Denard and Kubel and all out little woebegone pitchers by showing that with hard work and diligence you can achieve great things...we are undecided, the way the Twins have played all season, I kind of think that they are undecided too....*shrug*)

5) Bizness Skool MizzleTizzles and driving on Turnpikes are not the best way to spend a day.

6) Regardless of Bizness Skool MizzleTizzles and Turnpikes, the Twins will always be there, to give a laugh and a sigh and a cheery view of tomorrow.

YIPEEE!!! (Let's just kick back and enjoy the rest of the season...OH, and be sure to send good vibes Stinky's way)

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