AL Eeesh-t

Once again the Twins were the proverbial kittens, forever flailing and stretching but permanently stymied by the Tampa Bay Beams of Light (as the following picture demonstrates)

Getting swept at the hands of Stupid Hipster Johnny Damon and his crew was unpleasant, especially since it brings the Twins record against the AL East this year to 5-12. Most of that has been compiled on the road, but fortunately we have just one more trip to the Eastern seaboard (a four game set in Boston next weekend).

Once we've swallowed the nasty cod-liver oil of our games against the AL East we can focus on winning the division by beating teams in our division...a group of teams we have played exactly 4 times so far and have great track records against.

This is all my way of saying that it's not over yet, so don't sully the litter box or pass on the Meow Mix. Those nasty beams of lights have gone away for a few months--let's focus on the future not the past.

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  1. Other nickname options:
    Matt Hatts
    Matt Hatter