Two options for this post

I could use this post to:
a) opine on the issues with our closers, our defense, our hitting; whether or not the fans really could manage a baseball team more effectively than baseball lifers like Ron Gardenhire; whether or not fans and bloggers could assemble a better baseball team than a front office full of baseball pros like Bill Smith; the question of what the team owes the fans--and what fans owe their team; Joe Mauer's injury, illnesses and why some fans doubt his dedication; Joe Nathan's future prospects AND whether or not our fan base will keep coming to Target Field if this continues...

b) Make a cheap joke at the expense of Johnny Damon & Hipsters around the world.
Yeah...it's no contest!
Johnny Damon is surprised you haven't watched "Miller's Crossing" yet because: "it's sort of the Coen Brothers BEST movie...I mean...before they got complacent during their 'mainstream' phase"

Feel free to add your own Johnny Damon Hipster caption in the comments below!


  1. Addition after Saturday's game:
    "Johnny Damon knows that the right field line is way more deck than the right field line...now if you'll excuse him he's got to go to his molecular gastronomy cooking class"

  2. I can't think of any hipster comments, but I tweeted last year, totally randomly, about my irrational loathing of Johnny Damon. At least it's not irrational anymore. @mntwinssisters