Our New Hall-of-Famer & Incredibly Accurate Pre-Season Predictions

Happy Opening Day Everyone!! We tried to spruce up the blog a little bit, so now there are pages you can click at the top of the screen, and the first chirps of our brand new twitter feed (http://twitter.com/heavenlypeanuts) are on the right side of the screen.

We're trying to engage our readers more and more at this blog (hurrah for socializing!) and to that end we're proud to post the new Peanuts from Heaven Hall of Fame Plaque of unanimous inductee: NICK PUNTO! [Tumultuous cheers and applause]
Seriously, I know he wasn't everyone's favorite player, but Nick Punto was the model Twin: played hard, always fought, cheered on his teammates, and did it all for a fairly modest salary. It was easy to love watching him play, because you could tell he just loved to play. God Speed Nicky P. We will miss you.

Finally, since every other Twins blogger is doing it we will follow the crowd with our pre-season predictions. Unlike other Twins bloggers though, ours are 100% guaranteed to be right! Behold the power of our brains!
  • Every Major League Team will play 162 games to determine their regular season records.
  • Joe Mauer will have sideburns.
  • 8 teams will receive play-off berths.
  • Joe Buck will irritate baseball fans throughout the nation.
  • The team who scores the most runs in the deciding game of the World Series will win the World Championship trophy.
  • Many, many profanities will be directed at the New York Yankees.
  • Regardless of their final record (or the number of people who read this blog) the Peanuts From Heaven will cheer the Twins all season long.

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