Happy Delmon Young Day!!

So...last night was awesome, and though our record is still less than sterling, a come from behind win in the Bronx sweetens this whole road trip dramatically. Best of all it came at the hands of Peanuts from Heaven favorite Delmon Young. We've advocated for Delmon before, believing him to be cooler than others thought. We've seen his ability to surprise the opposition and causing so much distraction in the enemy that they are invariably lost within their own minds. (We call this the art of Supraction (TM)--a talent Young shares with Michael "Magic-Man" Cuddyer, and their pet albino tiger)
So when Del blooped a double to right field and supracted Rope Necklace Aficionado Nick Swisher to tie the game, there was much jubilation among we Peanuts. Even more so when Batgirl (the inspirational godmother to this blog) declared today DELMON YOUNG DAY! And because around here we do whatever Batgirl says, we'd like to offer this song to help everyone sing the legend of Delmon Young. {Note: We started this last night on twitter, and envision it as set to the music that starts at 30 seconds, here.}

Attend the Tale of Delmon Young
He beat New York when a bat he swung
He broke the hearts of all Yankee fans, and excitedly ruined their dastardly plans
He stung the ball as few have stung....did Delmon Young
The Yankee Slayer in Left Field!

He plied his trade at Target Field
And there his talent seemed concealed
But in the Bronx he showed his stuff, and proved that the Twins were actually tough
Did Delmon....yes Delmon Young
The Yankee Slayer in Left Field!

Swing your bat and crush, Delmon, make those jerkwads blush!
Delmon beats the punks whose cleats have terrorized!

Attend the tale of Delmon Young
Who made the Yankees feel like dung
Then taught his mates to score some runs, for he wouldn't want to have all of the fun
Not Delmon...not Delmon Young
The Yankee Slayer in Left Field


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