Hello Delmon My Old Friend

HEY! Two victories! On the Road! That's kind of sort of totally awesome!!!

Now I could give credit for this victory to the pitchers, including Lirano* and Ayala--who I honestly expected to mutate into puddles of water like in X-men, so that the mound got very soggy and ruined the rest of the night for our pitchers. Or in the home run hit by Jason "Running is Stupid" Kubel.

*Side note--is it just me or do Francisco's struggles the second time through the order remind you of that old saying coined by our last president: "Fool me once, shame on you--fool me twice, shame on...can't get fooled again!"

But instead I'd like to give a shout out to a forgotten friend. A man we have not written nice things about since New Years. Delmon Mergatroid Young. Erstwhile Master of Supraction.
It has not been a good season for Del. He was supposed to be a break out star. Another power hitter, the sixth straight dynamite bat in an indomitable line up. And instead he has...well...sucked is a little mean...but he may well have slurped a bit.

It's not entirely his fault mind you. Sure, he ignores advice on his swing, sure he can't seem to figure out how to take a pitch and earn a walk. But he is hitting in front of Tolbert and Punto--the walking dead infield--with their sub .200 averages. So...there's not much need to challenge him. And sadder still...he lost his mom. As noted lovers of our mothers, we at Peanuts From Heaven send him condolences on that.

So it's been nice that Delmon has batted in four whole runs in the last two games. I won't pretend that this has suddenly made him the greatest player ever. But it's nice to see him back. I hope the first two months were one long distraction...so that now its time for a surprise--A SUPRACTION!!! KABAM!!

Welcome back-ish Delmon. Stick around---it's fun.


  1. Do you think Kubel reads your blog and thinks to himself "Yes, running is stupid." and that's why he's hit so many homers lately?
    I do. :)

  2. I think that's entirely possible. If two giraffes randomly show up at the next home game, we'll know why.

  3. I think I will die from laughter if that does happen!