The most ridiculous thing we have ever seen

So we were sitting in our hotel in Waukesha, blissfully at peace with bellies full of chinese food and the sweet sense of satisfaction that comes from having Nick Blackburn on the mound, with 2 outs in the 8th and nothing--NOTHING that can come between us and a well earned victory.

But there was something amiss. That something was Brian Anderson, Brewers announcer. Brian Anderson thinks he can see the future--and he can in a way, its just, he sees the exact opposite of the future.

5th inning--"Braden Looper's hurt"--Braden Looper was not hurt
6th inning--"Braden Looper's pitching real well"--We score two runs on three straight extra base hits
8th inning--"With the outfielders playing so deep, there's no way the Brewers will score here"--Then...then...god I can't even write about what happened...it just stunk.

Perhaps we needed to have lower expectations. Perhaps we should have worried and fretted until the final nail was in the Brewer's coffin. Or perhaps this man is Nostradamus, only, you know, not. 

We're going to drown our sorrows in a hot tub. Tomorrow--Noon--good things will happen.

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