Good use of company time

This is what I do when my brain hurts from making powerpoints.

So...last night wasn't as good as it could have been.

You would think that with the bases loaded and one out, and Kubel and Crede batting, that we'd be able to bring in at least one run.

You would think that. But you would be wrong. I had the strange urge to dig my eyeballs out with a dull, rusty spoon, which would probably have been less painful than watching Crede ground out to first.

... I may have exaggerated slightly. But you get the point.

Just to clarify: I kind of like the Pirates and if forced to live on the East Coast, I'd probably adopt them as my new team.

I approve of the Pirates for the following reasons:
1) Their mascot. As we all know, pirates are totally bad-ass.
2) Honus Wagner. Also totally bad-ass. First, there's this post; there's also the book Crazy 08 which, although it was really about the Cubs, made me want to root for Wagner and the Buccs instead. I actually have a picture of Wagner on my living room wall, which is right next to a picture of Ty Cobb. If these pictures came to life like in Harry Potter, they'd probably maul each other. I may or may not have thought about this when I was deciding where to hang the photos.
3) Their fans are pretty cool. Scruffy went to a Pirates game in Pittsburgh last year, saw them win and had a great time. We also made some new friends (frenemies?) over at Honest Wagner who let us hang out on their blog even though we're fans of the other team. Apparently they drink beer and say "shit" a lot. I can get behind that.

The only problem I have with the Pirates really is Delwyn Young because come on, that's just confusing.

Tiebreaker today - maybe the best man win!
(We're obviously the best man but shh.... don't tell the Pirates fans! ;)


  1. Hmmm...what would happen if we had Delmon and Delwyn Young on the same team?

    *brain seethes and nearly explodes*

    Hmm...what if we traded Delmon to Pittsburgh for Andrew McCutchen...

    *brain nearly explodes from happiness*

  2. Yeah I had those exact same thoughts actually.

  3. Everytime Bert says Delwyn Young, I always think he is saying DELMON Young. It drives me crazy! ;)

  4. How bout the fact that Pittsburgh already has two brothers on the team??

  5. Pittsburgh does have two brothers on the team...so why not two more!

    We'll allow the reunion between Delmon, Delwyn and even lure Dmitri back to the majors via ham sandwhiches if we can just have McCutchen...

    Then the Pirates get their whole "We Are Family" thing, back.