The most boring things we have ever heard

So...we lost today...just like we lost when we were in route to Milwaukee. And just like when we were en route to Milwaukee we encountered something a trifle odd during the game. Nothing in the play mind you, just something in the play-by-play from Cardinals announcers.

We don't mean to be snobbish, but we've never heard two more boring announcers than the Cardinals' Mike Shannon and John Rooney. While they failed to describe any play in detail, they had no problem repeating the score ad nauseam for the benefit of the each and every individual who tuned into the game (no matter when they did). While both announcers yawned their way through even exciting plays and pronounced simple phrases with elongated syllables calling balls and Steee-rikes, and repeatedly muttering about the mind-boggling boggletude of the boggling boggleness that is boggleball.

We won't have to listen to them tomorrow. All we have to do is turn up and urge the boys on accordingly.

Tomorrow--one pm--good things.

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