Shoutout to Jesse Crain

We here at PfH have a soft spot in our hearts for Jesse Crain - he's such a nice guy and, as we discovered, a true mensch [which led my scruffy co-blogger to dub him ZE UBERMENSCH]

The story of us meeting Jesse goes a little something like this:
It began at Twins Fest 2009, where we went to get an autograph from Gardy.

Surprisingly, compared to the approximately 85,000,000,000 people waiting in line to hang out with Joe Nathan, there were aproximately zero people waiting to hang out with Gardy.

Let me just repeat that in case you didn't catch it the first time.


I found this strange, since hanging out with Gardy falls near the top of my list of most awesome things ever, along with Neil Patrick Harris and chocolate cake from Morton's Steakhouse. So we chatted with Gardy for a while and then left, only to realize afterward that the quiet dude with the tattoos sitting next to him was Jesse Crain, and that we hadn't said a word to the guy. Oops.

So we went back to find Jesse during his photo session. We said we felt back for unwittingly ignoring him, and he just smiled and said "hey no problem" and then took his picture with us. So Jesse Crain - pretty cool dude.

In summary - we're thinking about you, and are sad that we don't have an excuse to sneak Nietzche references into our posts anymore (because we're nerds like that). Best of luck Jesse and hope to see you back at the dome soon.

(And I'm dead serious about the chocolate cake. You have to try this cake it's amazing.)


  1. My bosses thank you for the shout out to the Steakhouse of champions

  2. Oh, poor Jesse Crain. It is good that he went down to improve though. He's been a little shaky lately. He'll be back...eventually.

    P.S. He has tatoos!?! ha :)