Bow before the Master Librarian

So we lost yesterday. And that was not cool. But...such is life...

Far more impressive was what my parents saw in the 9th, when RA Dickey stepped up to cruise through a suddenly potent Astros line-up. Particularly Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, he of the hall-of-fame statistics, and all-time record-holder for baseball games caught.

Reported Bruce Alan MacKenzie: Rodriguez started shaking his head before he even stepped into the box. Could be heard to tell Mauer: "I can't hit that." Stood dumbly as a fastball swooped by him, and then flailed miserably at two knuckleballs that resembled nothing so much as obese moths. And so it was that arguably the greatest catcher of his generation was rendered utterly inept by the fearsome force that is the Master Librarian.
Quoth the Master Librarian: "Happy father's day Bruce Alan!!!!!"

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