Worth Mentioning

Two things occurred on Thursday that ought to be mentioned. First Joe Mauer was named Player of the Month for May, to which Twins Territory responded with a thundeorus: "Well...DUH!!!"
Still the victory for our great and glorious catcher--all praises be unto him for through him do all well pitched games flow--is worth noticing. Please pay homage at one of his many statues throughout the Twin Cities metro area--do not be like the guys just sitting drinking in front of the statue--PAY HOMAGE DANG IT!!!

Also worth mention is the 300th career victory of Randy "Big Unit" Johnson. Whom you might remember as the first of the four pitchers of the apocalypse that we faced in successive games last season (he was also the first man to make me photoshop--as you can see I did it poorly).

Still and all the victory for the big mullet is notable because more than any other pitcher he seemed the most fierce, the most ferocious, and while I still think that Greg Maddux and Johan Santana are better than he ever has been...Johnson is by far the most intimidating. The man killed a bird that flew between his pitch and the plate...KILLED IT! I'm not pro-bird killing, but I am pro-not-making-a-man-who-can-kill-a-bird-with-a-baseball mad.

So, in the spirit of not making Randy Johnson kill us all with his fastballs of doom. Let us raise a toast, and perhaps a two foot long hotdog cooked by a Rock God to (Honestly, its on the second page of the menu) a man who might not have a statue of him in the Twin Cities, who might not have beaten us in the last few years, but who does possess perhaps the greatest mullet of all time, and is now as he has ever been--one hell of a pitcher.

Kudos Randy Johnson--you're almost as cool as Joe Mauer...if by almost you mean, not nearly at all--but still cool in your own way.

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