Food for thought (haha...no pun intended)

So I read that book "Twilight" a couple of weeks ago.
It wasn't exactly fantastic literature, but it was sort of addicting and it also made me think...specifically, it made me think about the New York Yankees.

I refer you to the scene where the vampire family is playing baseball. Just to inform everyone who hasn't wasted several hours of their life reading this book, vampires apparently love baseball. A LOT. Mainly because they totally rock at it. With their super-human abilities, they can hit the ball really hard, really fast, and really, really far.

This is what led me to the conclusion that the New York Yankees are, in fact vampires.

So go ahead, free agents. Join the evil leagues of the undead. Just don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Oh my god it's true!! Must our piranahas bathe in garlic? Can we take shards of a bat and stab their hearts? Or do we just hire Wesley Snipes to take them out for us?

  2. If Justin bathed in garlic I don't know if I could handle the smell...although I've put up with *your* stench for years so maybe it would be fine?? :-D

    I like the idea of hiring Wesley Snipes. We can just put him on the same employment contract as Andre the Giant and Jim Lehrer.

    p.s. what are you doing awake at 6am???