Merry Christmas everyone :) I know it's not actually Christmas yet but I've been hanging up garlands and listening to "Baby It's Cold Outside" and Frank Sinatra's Christmas album since mid-November, so you all can just deal with it.

I decided this year to have a Santa Look-Alike Contest inside my head, and although it was a close call between Ron Gardenhire and Paula Deen's husband Michael, Gardy won out in the end...because he's Gardy. Congrats on winning this prestigious award. And on terrifying small children.

So from all (2) of us here at Peanuts from Heaven Inc., a very Merry Christmas to all (5) of our readers! Remember, as my colleague pointed out at Thanksgiving, and as I try to remember all year, the true meaning of Christmas is being thankful for the people you love, and showing them how much you care. I know that sounds cheesy and ridiculous, but it's true. I feel truy blessed to have such amazing friends and family, an awesomely smelly (and just generally awesome) blogger-in-crime, and of course, the Minnesota Twins.

So I ask all of you, go out tonight, play in the snow, sing some carols, eat some pie (please) and above all, give someone (Little Nicky Punto?) a hug and tell them that you love them. Because really, that's what Christmas is all about.

Peace and joy to all of you (even the Yankees and the White Sox...the holiday spirit has overcome me to the point of madness).


I love Christmas.

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  1. There's another truly beautiful part of the season, swinging carols, frightened children and thou, thou Minnesota Twins.

    Happy holidays to us all!