Last Minute Presents

If you have not yet completed your holiday shopping and are desperately searching for something, ANYTHING that looks like it might be a passable gift, then stop your browsing now!

In conjunction with Denard's, Peanuts from Heaven is proud to offer great deals on this years must have Twins memorabilia! Just look at these great prices and incredible gifts


As he glides smoothly through the Metrodome outfield, preying on lazy fly balls and screaming with an unfathomable (and, often, irrational) energy, Carlos Gomez truly seems to be the contemporary equivalent of a Velociraptor. Now you can see the incredible fusion of these two remarkable beasts in the must have toy of this holiday season! With Carlos' head fused on to a Velociraptor body you'll see life like motion and authentic, primal screams from the man himself. For just $49.99 you too can experience the "oh-my-god, this-could-either-be-horrible-or-awesome" terror that only Carlos Gomez and Velociraptors can elicit with the Remote Control Carlociraptomez!

*Please note that the remote control does not actually control the Carlociraptomez at all. If it did, don't you think Gardy would use it in place of the real Gomez?


If you love beauty, music and/or Ron Gardenhire you'll love this practical item. (And if you don't love any of those things, I'm sad for you.) Free from the garden, Gardy the Garden Gnome has gone metro and has produced a miniature action figure who will be happy to explain the value of eyebrow waxing and pocket handkerchiefs to every man who is otherwise hopeless. Additionally, if you attach him to the official Metrognome Metronome, he'll make sure that you keep up the tempo as you rehearse your recital music! Order the Metrognome doll for just $17.99 or add the Metrognome Metronome for only $8 more!

This deceptive deck of cards ($4.99) may seem like just another deck of cards, but with the help of Cuddyer and Young it's so much more! Kids will learn how to supract others just like the pros do. Fan out the cards and ask someone else to pick one, memorize it and return it to the deck. Then throw the cards in their face and shout out "SUPRACTION SUCKA!!" Then run like the wind.* With this and dozens of other Supractalicious antics, your children will become Twins material in no time!

*Warning, not to be attempted on anyone who can out run you.

All of these high quality products are available only at Denard's! Located at the intersection of Highway 7 and the Orion Nebula, across from the Piggily Wiggily. Hurry down and have a happy holiday!!


  1. SWEET. I'm going shopping RIGHT NOW!

  2. I would like express gratitude that somebody finally found my pun about ambiguously homosexual tiny people funny and decided to make use of it. Unless I didn't ever tell you that pun and instead you came up with it independently...in which case I congratulate you on having a great mind, so that it may think alike with mine.

  3. Oh no the Clark, that was all you :)