Relieving the tension...

Whilst waiting for today's game to start I watched some of the other offerings of MLB.tv (just because, you know, I paid for it, I might as well see how the other 97% live. And I noticed something about what guys talk about when they know they don't have to come into work the next day.

Mets announcers, with their team eliminated and their season nearly over, thought it was funny to joke about Delerium Tremens...because nothing's funnier than alcoholism.

Twins announcers, with their team in a make or break game and all the emotional sturm und drang of the last game in the metrodome, alluded to their farts--but did not say the word fart....because its funnier if you're classy about it.

I love our team. And I love this game. I never want baseball to end...why isn't there a 365 game season?

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