Poor Zack Greinke. I mean, really. He's (probably) the 2009 Cy Young winner, stuck on the worst team in the league. It would have been nice for him to get a win today.

On the other hand, that would have required the Twins losing... so.... sorry Greinke. Too bad. Any other time of year I'd be generous and have a soul, but right now I'm a little more concerned with making it to the post-season than with the greater good.

The following is a graph of my anxiety throughout the game:

Of course, we just had to make it interesting.

Notable Quotes of the Game:

Delmon: I got a hit again!!!!!!

Blackburn: I rule.

Mauer: Me too.

Cuddy: I HEART HITTING!!!! *blinding smile*

Denard: Dammit guys, do I have to save the day AGAIN?? (contorts entire body to make physically impossible catch)

Mijares: (to Denard) Yep. You do. Sorry man.

So that, in a very abstract way, is what happened. In other news, I posted this on my FB status following Cuddy's homer:


To which a friend of mine from high school replied:

"I misread that as 'Cuddly Jesus'

To which Clayton replied:


Cuddly Jesus. Sacreligious, yet adorable. I like it. Cuddy, thou shalt be Cuddly Jesus.

I now return to multiplie regression analysis. I hope you all have a more interesting night than I do. :)

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  1. You know what the problem with sports reporting is? Not enough excel charts. Seriously--Combine the Twins, the Economist and the Muppet Show and you have our blog/liquid awesome.