One more moment from Twins-fest

Ahh, the memories of Twins Fest, the glorious memories of walking on the dome gra--tur--thing that goes under your feet. The stalls of junk, the stalls of coolness, the meetings and sightings and whatnot. Sigh.

There was one moment that Stinky forgot to describe. After we had dissed Jesse Crain, and then apologized for Jesse Crain, and failed to get a hat for my freezin' ears, we discussed the coolness of Crain's attitude.

Scruffy: "Gotta, say, I felt real bad that we didn't pay any attention to Crain."
Stinky: "Yeah, but he was cool with it."
Scruffy: "Yeah, you've gotta be a pretty cool guy to not have a problem with getting next to no fans at your signing session, and then having the fans who do come in totally ignore you because you're sitting next to Gardy."
Stinky: "Though to be fair, the only people cool enough to be noticed next to Gardy are John Locke and a Velociraptor."
Scruffy: "True. Still, he was totally cool about it."
Stinky: "Totally cool about it, that was awesome."
Scruffy: "He's menschy."
Stinky: "He's Uber-Menschy"

And thus was discovered Jesse Crain's Secret Identity. Though he may not pitch brilliantly every game, though he may not be as all powerful as the Nefarious Dr. Cakeburn, he's still a heckuva-guy, a real mensch. So, you can almost hear his voice echo through the tunnels of the dome:


  1. It's almost painful how nice Crain is. At Twins Fest, he always makes me feel guilty for saying mean things about him during the season.

  2. Jesse is a really nice guy. He worked all of his life to be where he is today and is always giving back to his community... Maybe we should back him have faith in him and good things will happen to the twins.....

  3. Agreed - Crain and so many of the other players are just really nice, genuine down to earth guys. It's very impressive.