Sometimes, you just need a little Peanuts from Heaven to get you through the day.
Sometimes, I need a little Peanuts from Heaven to get me through the day.
That's when things like this happen:
This is my impression of the Twins' offeason thus far:

I'm not sure why I thought the heart was necessary. Just seemed like the thing to do.
MLB.com promises that things will get more interesting in the near future. I'm waiting. So far we've been like the lonely nerd at the prom who's to scared to ask the girls to dance.
Also a quick get well soon to Joe Mauer after his (minor kidney..?) surgery.
Hopefully we'll be back soon with more excitement...but for now....crickets.

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  1. Impressive imitation. If only there was bigger news to report than Bill Smith's continued difficulties ending his relationship with Kelli Kalloway.