An EPIC DUCKING WIN over Toolishness

Just savor that image a little while longer. Hugs...lots of hugs...and Jim Thome, ol' man Jim Thome looking like he's just found a pony wrapped up under a christmas tree made of ice cream. Jim Thome looks like he's oh so happy to beat the White Sox, because we all are!

We won. We won against the White Sox. We won after being down 3 runs in the 9th inning. We won after losing the first game of this series which knocked us to 4.5 games out of first. We won against perhaps the sketchiest looking pitcher in the entire American League.

(Seriously, I'm sure Freddy Garcia's a nice guy, but seriously? Can you tell which one of the guys pictured on either side of this paragraph is a Jersey Shore cast member, and which is the afore mentioned White Sox pitcher?)
Another beautiful moment in this victory was the fact that the biggest hits in the 9th came from Cuddy and Delmon, our dearly beloved Masters of Supraction (TM). It was almost as though they were hitting Jersey Shore style toolishness in the face (assuming that an abstract concept have a metaphorical face).

Honestly, I can easily imagine this trash talk conversation:
Cuddy, Delmon or any Twins Hitter really: "Forsooth, I shall smite thy pitch Sir Tool."
Bobby Jenks, Freddy Garcia, any White Sox Pitcher: "You better not hope I don't find out your name, bro!!!!!!!"
Twins Hitter: "My name is on the back of my jersey good sir...now please throw a pitch."
[Pitch is thrown, hit is made, yelling continues]
Twins Hitter: "Aye, verily, 'tis only one shot...but it has foiled your plans...fare thee well and might I add: Nyeah-nyeahnyeah-NYEAH!!!"

In short victory is awesome, so let's revel in that one more time:
Sigh...awesome...SO awesome

(P.s. If you haven't yet, vote for the Twins Pepsi Refresh Project, or any Pepsi Refresh Project really...well done MLB, well done)

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