It could have been worse...

It also could have been better.

Listening to the game last night, Stinky and I only needed about half-an-inning to think: "This isn't good", and only another half-inning to go: "Yup! Definitely not good". What with everybody still on a mental vacation we were fully prepared for doom, unavoidable DOOM!

Then things got better, a rally, a two out rally no less! Single after single after single, with even smokey chugging around third to score, and a Joe Mauer double to put the haters in their place.

Of course...then...sigh...

So perhaps we should be glad that we lost by only one run rather than four + as we were expecting in the early going. We have long been proponents of lowered expectations, they are much easier to surpass than lofty ones, not everyone can be valedictorian after all, but lots of people can graduate without over dosing on paste!

So tonight we encourage the Minnesota Twins to avoid eating paste...we know it's delicious, but we just bet that Ozzie Guillen has filled it with microbes which diminish hand-eye coordination. Keep your eye on the prize Twins...not the paste.

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