First off, kudos to the Twins for winning a game in under 2 hours, thereby avoiding the complications of a "Tornado Delay"--ahhh, outdoor baseball...what fun.

Second off, kudos to Carl Pavano for being cool enough in his own skin to sport that ridiculous mustache. I say this as a long time proponent/possessor of facial hair, I've even included a shout out to mustaches in my epic unpublished novel (cue the snickering):
I have long felt that any man who had a mustache was worth knowing. Anyone who, of his own free will, puts something so preposterous on his upper lip, clearly has dismissed the
importance of public approval. Once you do that, you are ready to take on truly epic challenges.
So, again kudos to you Carl and I will quote back up catcher Drew Butera when I say: "what better way to show love than a little mustache hug" Here now, my mustache hug for Carl Pavano (WARNING: THE PICTURE BELOW IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES, INDIVIDUALS WITH HEART CONDITIONS OR THE LACTOSE INTOLERANT. OBSERVE AT YOUR OWN RISK)
Now let's return to sanity and root root root for the home team.

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