Random observations

While listening to last nights game Stinky and I made the following observations in order of coolness:

1) Momentum is a tricky thing...the team with the momentum doesn't necessarily get it from a big strike out, or amazing catch, or two out rally--it just seems like you've either got the magic or not...and last night we were short on magic. So...that blows

2) Euphemisms are amusing: Transcript from our talk/radio broadcast
John Gordon: Here's the new pitcher, a veteran port sider...
Scruffy: Did he say a port sider?
Stinky: Yes, yes he did...and every person listening to him said "Guh, Whaaa?!?"

3) Band Names are AWESOME! (Another extract from our conversation)
Scruffy: I know which arm Ron Mahay throws with...and I can't believe I committed the useless bit of information to memory.
Stinky: Is it his fifth arm? His alien arm?
Scruffy: Yes...and that's a great band name
Stinky: It IS my new Band name!

So look out for "Ron Mahay's Alien Arm" coming to a bar near you soon!

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  1. Momentum = mass • velocity
    In physics, the symbol for momentum is "p" (nobody knows why). Thus, the above equation can be rewritten as

    p = m • v
    where m is the mass and v is the velocity.

    In baseball, the equation can be written as
    p minus 2mvp = #%@%*#!!!