Careful what you wish for...

I asked Gardy Clause for the chance to go to bed early, and that's where I'm headed as I write this (down 9-0 in the 8th...I'm clearly not helping the cause any, hopefully they'll do better without me watching).

Two things that help me stay calm during this debacle for the Twins and Senor Stache:
1--It was bound to happen: We win 58% of our games, so over 7 games, we should win 4...instead over 7 we've won 6! So...we're just obeying the law of averages tonight...can't blame us for obeying the law, right?
2--Yoga: Unsurprisingly when you focus in on breathing and standing on your head, you don't notice the stinkiness of the game quite as much...convenient eh?

And if those pieces of news weren't enough, just remember: Torii's coming to town tomorrow! WOO! Welcome home Tor-double i! :)

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