Back on the Rubber Again

In honor of the amazingly resurgent Francisco Liriano we offer this set of alternate lyrics to "Back in the Saddle Again" by Gene Autry. Because who better than the Singin' Cowboy (big baseball fan and former Angels owner) to explain the joys of our beloved 'Cisco Kid?
I'm back on the rubber again
Out where a Twin is a Twin
Where all I really need
Is a measly one run lead
Back on the rubber again

Just like it was before
Rulin' the mound once more
Where I strike out guys all night
And this lefty's always right
Back on the rubber again

Don't mess with Ol' Cisco
Back on the rubber again
That's the way we play
Back on the rubber again

Best of luck to the boys tonight as they try to stop the beams of light in Tampa Bay.

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