So much baseball! A return to Caption Action

I'm hoping that Stinky will be able to blog about the awesomeness that was our one and only night at the ballpark together this summer, which occured on Saturday, but as we went to a movie Friday and since I was on the road all-day Sunday (and therefore didn't see much of either other game) I can only think of one way to justly capture our series with the A's--taking AP images and offering snarky captions to summarize the events that occured.

Game 1: Friday
Danny Valencia scores on a suicide squeeze. Random dude in the stands does the YMCA all by himself!
Twins 4--A's 3

Game 2: Saturday
3rd Base Umpire Adrian Johnson: "I don't care what ESPN says, I'm right and you're wrong"
A's Manager Bob Geren: "Nu-uh!"
Adrian Johnson: "Yeah-huh"
Bob Geren: "Nu-uh"
Adrian Johnson: "Yeah-huh!"
Denard Span [thinking]: "Wow that is a fascinating 3rd baseman's glove"
Stinky and Scruffy: "Pssh! Gardy would have gotten ejected by now! SHOW THIS AMATEUR HOW IT'S DONE GARDY!!!"
Twins 2--A's 0

Game 3: Sunday
Slowey: "It would be cool to throw a no-hitter, but if I did there would be all kinds of dumb headlines like: "Slo-Slo's No-No" or "sNOwey" or "Slno-lno". For the good of grammatical logic everywhere, I will not complete this game."
Twins 4--A's 2

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