And still...it's not over

One more game in Chicago, but I refuse to let myself get too excited. I could make bold proclamations, furious statements of aggrandizement which say to all the world: KNEEL BEFORE MAUER, FOOLISH FANS OF FOOLDOM!!!! But that just wouldn't be right.

Instead I will once again advocate a default position of intense trepidation. Never forget that terror strikes the moment you least suspect it, as the cinematic classic Mega Shark V.s. Giant Octopus teaches us:

Sure, many people say that we have the division locked up, but if Mega Shark jumps out of Lake Michigan and eats the Twins charter plane tonight, then we'd probably have to forfeit the season to the White Sox...so you never know. All I'm saying is don't get too confident just yet.

P.s. Here's an article from the New York Times to offer still more proof of what we've long suspected...The Yankees are Villains.

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