Find the Silver Lining!

Time for a little blogosphere fun time: try to complete the following sentence.

Sure the Twins have lost 4 straight games to two mediocre teams, and sure our starting pitchers have given up 20 earned runs while only averaging 4 innings pitched during that span, and yeah, Mauer hasn't played in a week, and Thome hasn't played in a week, and JJ Hardy is back in Minnesota with a balky knee and Gardy got hit in the head with a ball; but at least...

Potential answers:
  • at least the Sports Illustrated cover jinx is about to expire!
  • at least Twins games are less predictable than 98% of television.
  • at least the world's scientists have constructed the elusive robot fish.
...how are you making yourself feel less nauseous about this losing streak?

1 comment:

  1. ....at least my dog threw up on the linoleum and not on the carpet.
    ....at least Mariano Rivera's cutter is MIA.
    ....at least Peanuts From Heaven will always supply us with optimistic metaphors (bright side, silver lining...)