Another victory for low expectations

After what Stinky so accurately described as Thursday night's crapfest, we held a heavenly peanuts confab at which we discussed just how badly this weekend's series with the Rangers would be. The general consensus was that Target Field would probably blow up, and that flying monkeys would probably be implemented at some point (to tear apart the straw man known as JJ Hardy).

This was all before we discovered that Matt Fox was going to start the game. For those who don't know Matt Fox's story: he is currently looking for work after the end of a 6 year stint on the epic sci-fi series Lost. And despite an Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a drama, he appears to be at an impasse in his career...so, reasoned the Twins, we might as well use this untested rookie to start a crucial September game against a division leading rival. (After learning of this, we Peanuts merely hoped that a few players escaped the vortex of suck swirling around Target Field.)

And yet! Things turned out rather well...Matt Fox (and his trademark heavy breathing) made it 5 innings, the offense churned out some clutch hits and we won the game.

But before we all throw our hands in the air, and wave them about like we just don't care...remember, the lower your expectations are, the better surpassing them will be. We still don't expect to win a game, and remain concerned about explosions, vortexes and flying monkeys. So Twins, just stop those three things from happening, and you'll have a happy pair of Peanuts--and happy peanuts are delicious peanuts.


  1. No explosions, no vortexes, no flying monkeys and the Twins win a game that no one would have given them an even chance to win.
    You clearly have supernatural powers when it comes to determining what lies in the way of a team winning.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Haha well, we do what we can. Jim Thome is remarkably similar to the smoke monster though, in that he decimates everything in his path, so maybe special powers are on our side. Who knows?