Musings on a day full of baseball

With Labor Day comes two things: a sense of impending doom (as it relates to both schoolwork and the impending winter devoid of baseball) and enough grilled meats to choke the state of Idaho. I decided to spend the day reading some articles related to my thesis and flipping through as many baseball games as I could on MLB.tv. Below are my thoughts on the day

First the Twins Game:
  • Oh my gosh! I think I see my parents! Matt Tolbert nearly hit them with a foul ball! {**upon further review...no, no I didn't see them, no Matt Tolbert didn't hit them**:(}
  • Jim Thome hits a homer off the flag pole: does that count as an attack on our freedom?
  • This means that I am left in an extremely agitated state hoping that our bullpen can endure.
  • I really wish that Ferdinand the Bull was in our bullpen, all zen and awesome and cool under pressure...sigh...if only fictional characters weren't fictional.
  • Perhaps Matt Capps is our Ferdinand the Bull...only slightly bigger
  • My parents call to tell me about their time at Target Field, and my dad makes a prediction: the Sox have run out of magic and will go 2-9 over their next 11....I predict that he will not remember this prediction in 11 days.
And then my haphazard thoughts on everybody else
  • I wonder how the Florida Marlins feel about still having teal in their uniforms, and I wonder how long it will be until late 90's nostalgia makes teal common again
  • Geico got some air time on a Yankees broadcast by hiring a plane to fly a banner reading: "Hi Michael K, Geico". Sure enough the Yankees broadcaster, Michael Kay, giddy at seeing his name read out the whole banner...how much did that run you Geico?
  • Right after I flip to the Blue Jays and Rangers the Jays hit two home runs and score five runs. Clearly this was all my doing, and I expect to be made an honorary Canuck...
  • ...or maybe I need to go on the federal payroll, because right after I flip to the Nationals/Mets game, the Nats rookie short stop hit a home run. I was being slightly facetious before...but maybe I am this awesome.
  • Despite winning a game against a division leader the Pittsburgh announcers sound like cubicle dwellers, dreaming of freedom, then sighing and returning to their TPS reports.
  • Though I can't watch the White Sox in Detroit (Baseball assumes if you have internet you have cable tv) I can see small red squares advancing bag-by-bag, strangely, I care a lot about those little red squares, delighting when the Tiger squares score, and mourning when the White Sox squares score....I end up mourning more than delighting.
  • After the Twins win, I switch to the Brewers, and they hit a home run to cut the Cardinals lead in the bottom of the ninth. Seriously, I've got some kind of mojo working today!...of course the Brewers lose in the end...but let's not talk about that.
  • I'm pretty sure that purgatory looks a lot like the Oakland Coliseum, people trapped in a massive void separated from each other by an unfathomable distance hoping for something, anything to happen...or maybe it's just the similarity between the Coliseum and North Dakota....
And finally:
  • Is it possible for announcers to sexually harass a player? Juan Gutierrez might have a case given the fixation Arizona's announcers have with his buttocks. "Look at that big ol' Fanny! Can't hurt him" "No sir!" "Big ol' Fanny gettin' in the way!" "The Big Glut!"....
There's my thoughts on the day...sorry that it was relatively random, I suppose if I had a twitter account this would be there...but I am not a Twit. Thank you very much.

Hope you're all coping well with your labor day grilled meat hangovers, and remember as sad as the winter may be, spring will come again, I promise.

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