... Silver lining found! (sort of)

OK, so now that the Twins have lost 5 straight (brutal) games to the 3rd and 5th place teams in our own division it's getting tough to be optomistic. One of our loyal readers (who may or may not be my dad... ) still tried though:
Dad: Ahh we'll be fine. In '87 the Twins lost a bunch of games right before the playoffs.
Stinky: True. Dick and Bert mentioned that as well. They also mentioned that those losses were mostly because of lack of run support, not s**ty pitching like is happening now.
Dad: ....oh. true.

Even Gardy said the starters aren't pitching worth crap...and that is basically a direct quote. Gardy is PISSED.

1) We're losing to teams we should be grinding into particles so tiny even my mom's food processor would be impressed.
2) Our starting pitching is terrible.
3) We're completely screwed
4) My sinuses hate me.

...but at least I had pie for breakfast.


  1. It was a jumbo-size double chocolate muffin for my breakfast. (they call it a muffin so you can pass it off as breakfast food, but you know it's really cake)

  2. Well spotted Stinky! Pie is always a silver lining.

    Maybe we need to remove pie from the clubhouse spread...then they'll be motivated!

  3. Margo - totally. There are so many pastries that are actually breakfast foods (muffins are just differently-shaped cake, pies are just open-faced turnovers, etc).