Our apologies for not posting this weekend (internets and whatnot). Suffice it to say, it was a pretty good weekend. Friday let something to be desired, but as Stinky pointed out "we were bound to lose one eventually". Saturday was thrilling, but took so long that sleep conquered both the authors before Jim Thome took over the land of Cleve. And special Sunday thanks go out to the Knitting Queen who called me up with gleeful updates as O-Dog & Slo-Dog gave us a series win.

{Sidebar: Dear Twins, I would like to see a sitcom featuring the comical misadventures of Orlando Hudson & Kevin Slowey. It will be titled: O-Dog & Slo-Dog and it will be awesome. Thank you in advance, Scruffy Rube}

But this series victory brings us to a rather critical juncture in the season: 3 games in the South Side of Chicago against our closest rival. I'm sure that most people are already crunching the various permeutations of potential out comes (games-ahead, magic numbers, etc.); and while it's true that we can't lose first place, we can sure lose the momentum we've built up since losing three in Texas (going 12-3 is pretty nice).

This is one of my favorite parts of baseball. While other sports have more playoff spots to fight over, the teams involved rarely play games of consequence against eachother in the final weeks. Head-to-head contests in football might not happen between contending teams in different divisions, and in basketball you've got so many teams in the post-season that you need to be truly mediocre to be in danger of missing out...ooh! mediocrity, how dramatic!

But for the Twins, we will spend the next 20 days playing 19 games against 6 teams. While 5 of those teams may want to beat us for a psychological boost going into the offseason (or, in the case of Detroit, just to be mean) the Chicago White Sox have a vested interest in beating the snot out of us, stealing our mojo and ruining our dreams of Target Field in autumnal glory. I won't say "the division is on-the-line" but I will say that "the champion of our regional subzone of the American League may point to this series as crucial to their success" (cliches are silly).

But as geeked up as I am, we will have to wait one whole day to find out what happens next. So until then, send good vibes, take deep breaths, and watch a potential teaser trailer for O-Dog & Slo-Dog (at the bottom of this post).


  1. "O-Dog & Slo-Dog"....now that's a sitcom I would watch!
    Episode ideas:
    * O-Dog and Slo-Dog go hunting. Tons of bucks are lulled to sleep by O-dog's constant chattering.
    * Jon Rauch comes over for dinner. The Dogs try to get him to "open up".
    * Wayne Hattaway temporarily moves in with the Dogs. Wild parties and loose women.
    * Slo-Dog marries O-Dog's cousin. Hilarity ensues.

    Well now....it's clear that I've spent a little too much time thinking about this.

  2. One can never spend too much time reveling in the awesomeness of imagination.

    I'm personally rooting for at least one episode where O-Dog's family arrives in town but he hasn't told them that he lives with Slo-Dog and then spends the entire twenty minutes hiding Slo-Dog from them (particularly his beautiful but naive cousin who would obviously fall for Slo-Dog's charms).